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bCards Pro (vCard Sender) 1.1 by
REQUIRES iOS: 4.0 For iDevices: all
CATEGORY: Business
Price: 1.99$

bCards Pro enables you to easily send your contact information via email or to other devices. In conjunction with presets you can choose for every available contact detail, whether to export it or not. This allows you for example to create a preset for business contacts, which does not include your private information and vice versa. With just a tap on a preset you can distribute your contact information via email, SMS/iMessage or Wi-Fi (Bonjour). All data is exported using the vCard standard and hence is readable by all popular contact management tools. In addition to sending your own contact information, bCards Pro allows you to quickly send any contact from your address book. bCards Pro was adapted especially for the iPad and hence can be used on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.

All features:

- Fast access to selected contact details with presets
- Distribute contact information via email
- Distribute contact information via SMS/iMessage in vCard format or as text
- Distribute contact information via Wi-Fi (Bonjour) to other devices running bCards
- Receive contacts via Wi-Fi (Bonjour)
- Ask the owner of a connected device to receive his/her contact as well while sending via Wi-Fi (exchange mode)
- Arbitrary number of presets, each with a title and configuration of the contact details that should be used
- Select a default action for each preset for an even faster distribution of your contact information
- Pre-configure a subject and the text for outgoing emails
- Save received contacts to the address book database
- Send arbitrary other contacts from your address book
CONTENT RATING: Low Maturity SIZE: 778823 Bytes RATING:
4.6( 2670.7)

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Languages: DE, EN
Apple AppStore ID: 364898735

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